How to Double Your Restaurant's Revenue with a few simple steps

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Convert your restaurant, coffee shop, takeaway shop etc., into a profitable online business.

A free webinar by Nick Kagelaris, CEO of

If you are the owner of a restaurant, coffee shop, takeaway shop, etc., enroll to watch the webinar to learn how to double your revenue.

Based on my long-time experience in technology and ten years in the Australian restaurant industry, in this brief web seminar, I'll walk you through a few basic actions you can take to grow your business through internet sales and see your profits skyrocket.

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What you will learn?

The video is not technical; rather, it discusses business concepts in your sector that have been impacted by the evolution of technology and the pandemic in the previous 2-3 years.

A sample of the topics I am going to discuss in the webinar

Online Order - Collection

Add local pick-up/collection from your restaurant, takeaway, or coffee shop. Increase your sales by letting people order at their convenience using their mobile devices. You will be surprised by their acceptance of such a service.

Make things simple for your online visitors

Highlight your signature dishes and your chef's talents. At the same time, your dishes on the menu page can be shown with images or just text. In any case, your guests must have a quick and pleasant experience when building their meal and submitting their order, either from a mobile device or a computer.

Delivery Platforms

Reduce your reliance on delivery platforms because they take the lion's share of your revenues while you do the hard work. However, because this will take time, it's a good idea to connect to your menu on delivery services such as Uber Eats and MenuLog when you have a delivery partnership with them.

Online Order - Local Delivery

As an option, you may charge a small fee for your own delivery service in the region around your business. For a trial period, you may test your own delivery service in locations near your business. Two to three months later, you do the math and may realise that increasing the service will increase your profit. As a result, rather than relying on delivery platforms that charge you a lot, you become self-sufficient and strong by keeping the profits.

Online Booking System

In order to multiply the capacity of your shop, you may need an advanced booking system with the ability to have different time slots per day and capacity per slot. Optionally, you are able to charge a fee per booking and the payment comes directly to your bank account. With the appropriate cancellation policy, you may be able to avoid last-minute reservation cancellations.

Customer Relationship CRM

The need to build your mailing list and your customer relationship management system is critical to staying competitive. It's the tool for contacting your customers in the fastest and most convenient way for them. Aside from that, I explain marketing techniques such as happy hours, which provide discounted rates on specified days and/or time slots, unique combo meals that are sold with discount coupons, and invites to special events that you host in-store.

Digital Marketing

Customers are frequently convinced by effective marketing that, in addition to cooking the greatest dishes, the business is truly important to you. Unless you have a strong marketing plan, customers may believe that your restaurant is not as excellent as your rivals', implying that it has less to offer in comparison. Smart advertising leads to the growth of your positive reputation while also reaching customers who might otherwise be unaware of your existence. It also tells people about restaurant deals, like new menu items, discounts, and special events, as well as other things.

Customer Reviews

Count how many times you've searched for a local business on Google or Facebook and immediately clicked through to their customer reviews. It makes sense, doesn't it? If someone else, who is similar to you, provides honest feedback on a business based on personal experience, you are more likely to pay attention to what they are saying. This is due to the fact that people believe customer reviews to be more trustworthy than what a local business may say about itself. Therefore, it is very important for your business to show off the positive reviews you get either on Facebook or Google Business.

More Business Concepts

Make sure you enroll to watch the video where I discuss in detail the full list of basic actions you can take to grow your business through internet sales and see your profits skyrocket.

Who is this webinar for?

Restaurant Owners

From small to top level restaurants

Coffee-shop Owners

Any type of coffee shop or breakfast shop.

Takeaway Shop Owners

All types of food takeaway will benefit.

Pizza Restaurant Owners

Pizza restaurant owners are the best fit for this.

Patisserie, Pastry, Cake Shop, Bakery Owners

Shops selling baked foods

free webinar
Nick Kagelaris CEO
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Nick Kagelaris

Nick teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to build their businesses using the leverage, automation, and power of the internet. Nick is very different from many of the "trainers" you might find on the internet. He has already built a lot of businesses with the strategies he'll be teaching you. For example, Nick has helped a few local restaurants that were built on the back of these digital marketing principles for more than 5-6 years (so yes, it works for businesses like restaurants, takeaway food, pizza, patisserie, pastry, bakery, and coffee-shops). Today, Nick uses these same principles for his information product businesses and coaching programs. Every time you do something, you learn something new that can help you get more customers for your own business. Nick has trained thousands of entrepreneurs on how to be more efficient and more profitable by leveraging the internet. Nick has never publicly taught the system and strategies that he's revealing in this free webinar. Reserve your spot now!

What our customers say

The Great Taste Of Greece

Hello, my name is Nikolaos Sfikas, and I own a Greek restaurant in Sydney. One night, around 5 or 6 years ago, Nick, the CEO of SEOnFunnels, came to my restaurant. I had a website built for me by a freelancer at the time. I felt that was plenty for my business, but when Nick described what we could accomplish, I made the right choice immediately. I had no idea what SEO, search engine optimisation, and Google rankings were. I had no idea what digital marketing, email automation, and email campaigns were. I had no idea how to market my company on the internet until Nick showed me how. I’ve never looked back, and the style of the website is extremely stunning and professional. My customer reservations are well-served. I’ve been able to triple the capacity of my restaurant by implementing the time slots approach, which is very effective, especially over weekends. My schedule is completely booked for weeks, and my website handles my reservations well. These guys did an outstanding job at my business. SEOnFunnels is highly recommended by me.

Nikolaos Sfikas

Owner of The Great Taste of Greece restaurant in Sydney Australia

Frequently asked questions

Yes, indeed you have nothing to pay for.

We don’t want to waste anyone’s time, so I’ve kept it to about half an hour in length. I’ll go over some of the most important factors that your business should consider when deciding to build or expand your online sales channel.

There is absolutely no catch while you watch the video. Only if you find something that will help your business, will you be able to take the right steps in the future. So it is totally up to you how you use the ideas arising from the webinar.

Yes, this webinar is intended for restaurant owners as well as any form of business that produces takeaway meals, beverages, coffees, cakes, pastries, and so on.

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