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The 8 Best Critical Success Factors on Web Design

The 8 Best Critical Success Factors on Web Design

Understanding the need for a modern website

Nowadays, competition is fierce, and every company is going digital. We live in a world where looks are everything; thus, apart from the quality of your goods and/or services, your website should be your most valuable asset. The way people find you on the internet is important to the success of your company.

Important factors for a positive user experience when visiting a website

  • Business Display: Your website is your business display, the first thing a potential client and your existing customer sees. Your business display must look beautiful.
  • User Experience. Only a few years ago, the website had a more informative role, and thus the design was focused on text information. Modern web design focuses on the user, and what experience they get when navigating a website. The simpler it is to navigate and get the information or the service you want, the best user experience is achieved. A bad experience sends a visitor to your competitor.
  • Mobile devices: The majority of people browsing the internet, use their mobile devices, such as tablets and especially mobile phones. If your existing site is old, it’s highly likely that it doesn’t render well on such devices and your visitors get a bad experience.

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The 8 Best Critical Success Factors on Web Design

  1. Responsive design: As we said above, people browse on mobile devices. However, you don’t really need an iOS or Android app in order for your business to operate well. Just make sure your site responds to your user’s device dimensions so that the experience remains the same.
  2. Use hamburger menus: You need them, as you don’t know if your users land on your website on their phone or tablet. So, make it easy for them to navigate within a few clicks even on a mobile device.
  3. Long scrolling: Only a few years ago a long scroll would look ugly, but these days, it is not only acceptable, but we could also say it is a must. There are two reasons for it: Users are used to it due to mobile phones and it allows you to tell a story in a convenient way. Thus, the long scroll is good for the user experience although you must keep it with clear sections.
  4. Photography: Large, full-width, full-screen photography. The era of the CTAs is dead. An impressive, deep photo creates a strong visual experience that attracts and encourages users to scroll. Let images tell your story rather than asking your user to read through some text.
  5. Typography: Modern font types, and large typography. Users want it the easy way, no matter the age or their eyesight status.
  6. Keep it simple: Avoid unnecessary elements such as shadows, 3D buttons. Minimal is your new friend and your visitor’s best friend.
  7. Use video: Chinese people say a picture says 1000 words. Well, these days a nice explainer video beats a picture by far. Your visitor doesn’t have the time to read, but an eye-catching short video posted on your site and your social media would do the work for your business.
  8. Use animations: There are many animation effects that you can apply to images as well as text, loading screens, menus, hover info items and others. So, don’t keep your site boring, try anything to make the site a bit more entertaining improving the user’s experience.

At this point, we have probably understood why you need a modern website and it is likely you are close to making the decision. However, you still don’t know what technology is good to use for not getting updated again.

Our suggestion is to go with the most popular platform in the world. A platform that offers the flexibility of modern designs while maintaining sophisticated functionalities, integration to Google and social media.

Such a platform is WordPress which facilitates nearly 40% of global websites. Millions of developers and businesses have launched software plugins for WordPress and the market gets bigger and bigger every day. WordPress is the platform which you should invest for your business’ future as it offers the flexibility of modern designs while maintaining sophisticated functionalities, integration to Google and social media. You are able to reuse your old content while adding modern design, extra functionality and never feel again outdated as the platform gets frequently updated together with the available plugins.

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